Ah Guide To The Golden Age

This “AhHa Guide…” is a curious combination of a ‘Joy ride’ of discovery, bizarre insights, and a mythic “Hero’s
journey” ascending up a mountain of Higher consciousness, based on a three law ten step vertical structure. As
it ascends in our present “Ascension” timeline, it rises to the climax having minor AhHa moments, and major
AhHa moments of scintillating insight, and perhaps even an epiphany or two (depending on the prevailing
winds)and most definitely a few chuckles or even more serious laughs on its “Journey to the Stars…”

About the Author
Deva Neall Depodesta has been a student of life and the arts for many decades.
Born in 1949 in Montreal, Quebec. He has been on a life journey of the arts
from initial studies at Concordia University (BA communication arts, courses in
music, 2 years further studies in music, acting, theatre and production). This was
followed over the years with further studies in music, video/film production,
media, education, music technology at Capilano Collage, Vancouver Community
Collage, Institute of Communication Arts. There was also ongoing personal study
in many aspects of music, theory, harmony, composition, instruments/voice. He
has worked in the following arts: music, performing, acting, theatre, film, radio
and video/film in many different roles as performer, composer, writer, actor,

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